Fragrance Descriptions

LLWC Name (Subject to Change)

Scent Description

1000 Yellow Daisies

Reminiscent of walking through a field of daisies in the sunshine

4:20 Gummies

The super chill scent of tie-dye and summer festivals. And tasty gummies…lots of gummies! Top notes of tangy lemon, juicy orange, and sweet peach. Middle notes of raspberry nectar, midnight jasmine, and Tonka bean. Bottom notes of patchouli leaves, cannabis sativa, and musk

8.7 Million Dollars

Rich creamed butter, fresh ground cinnamon, hints of brown sugar, and wild sweet blueberries are blended into a sweet cake batter with a base of vanilla bean, completing this bakery sensation.

90’s Girl

Watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, and ripe fresh green cucumbers in a provocative blend

A Day at the Beach

Sweet floral and tropical coconut notes gradually recede and let the marine base notes come through. Not just for summertime, by the way, a great year round fragrance, whenever you may need a day at the beach!

Almond Macaroon

Nice warm cookie dough odor with sweet almond

Aloha Vanilla

A warm tropical breeze with beautiful aromas of sweet mango, vanilla absolute, and creamy coconut with a touch of lotus flower.

American Breakfast

A breakfast lover’s dream come true! Rich butter, crisp bacon, cinnamon and spices with hints of nutmeg and clove,  golden batter, sweet maple sugar, and vanilla sugar. It smells just like you made a huge breakfast!

Amish Kitchen

Warm cinnamon and rich clove but create nostalgic appeal at the heart of this scent, as sweet undertones of creamed vanilla and brown sugar complete the sensation.

Apple & Maple Bourbon

A clean pleasant scent of caramelized apples drizzled in maple syrup rounded out with a hint of bourbon.

Apple Blossom

It’s apple season and you are in the middle of the orchard. Crisp apple notes with a light fresh floral top note

Apple Cider Donut

This fragrance begins with an apple cider accord which blends with a fried donut character. The fragrance has a spicy cinnamon accord which rests on a sweet, sugary vanilla base with Tonka bean and musk

Apple Ginger Crust

A delicious treat that lures in the senses as a blend of freshly chopped apples fall into a baked crust made of ginger and warm sugar

Apple Jack Peel

Delicious fresh apple aroma with spicy notes of cinnamon and clove, and a splash of citrus.

Apple Pie a la Mode

A house blend of Hot Apple Pie and Vanilla Ice Cream

Apple S’mores

A custom blend of fresh apples mixed perfectly with frosted graham crackers


The simple aroma of fresh, ripened apricots

Aspen Caramel Woods

Juicy plum and whipped caramel wrapped in bourbon vanilla and jasmine blossom. Top notes of golden butterscotch, Italian bergamot, and quince nectar. Middle notes of silky dahlia petals, juicy plum, and jasmine blossom. Bottom notes of bourbon vanilla, velvety sandalwood, whipped caramel, exotic amber, American cedar, and white aspen woods.

Autumn and Apple Orchard

Freshly picked apples straight from the orchard surrounds accords of cinnamon powder while a touch of vanilla warms the heart of this fragrance

Autumn Flannel

Soft and bold at once, blending sweet and spicy notes over a smoky woody base

Autumn Night

A delicious blend of ground cinnamon stick, nutmeg, and clove layered with apple, cedar and sandalwood for a woodsy effect

Avocado & Sea Salt

Salty marine notes blend with bright grapefruit, soft white rose, and creamy avocado to create this wonderful summer fragrance.

Avocado Margatini

Clean, fresh, and zesty! Top notes of peach, lemon, and juicy lime. Middle notes of avocado, agave syrup, and cilantro. Bottom notes of citrus peel, tequila, and salt.


Sweet, ripe strawberries blended with creamy vanilla, hints of orange, and peach lay down a nice background for this old-fashioned milkshake flavor

Babette Ate Oatmeal

House blend of Apple Ginger Crust and Caramel Apple

Baby Bee

A delicate blend of vanilla, peach, violet and sugar

Baby Powder

Fresh clean Baby Powder Scent

Backyard Lemon Tree

Sun warmed lemon and bergamot unite with fresh lavender and lime zest

Bahama Fizz

Fresh sparkling citrus highlights this tropical blend of pineapple, papaya and mango as island inspired tones of sweet coconut add a blissful sensation to the blend. Sugared vanilla and clear musk completes the exotic sensation

Bahama Mama

Fresh coconut mixed with oranges, nectarines, mangoes, and lemon and lime blended with pineapple

Baja Cactus Blossom

Top Notes - Citrusy, fruity, green and slightly spicy. Middle notes - jasmine, lavender, and bergamot type of floral. Bottom notes - long lasting sweet vanilla and musk

Balsam & Berry

Hints of citrus create sparkle for this botanical blend of Siberian fir and warm cedar as sweet sugared berried unfold in layers of fruity delight. Green accents texturize the fragrance as it fades to reveal hints of amber, vanilla, and soft moss

Balsam Cedar

Balsam, cedarwood, and juniper blend together to make a nice fresh scent.


The scent evokes a sense of cleansing, while giving the home that great bamboo smell. Bamboo is considered lucky in many cultures and it's easy to see why. The scent alone is more than enough to make you feel a little luckier

Banana Cream Pie

Ripe Banana, Quince Apple, Juicy Pearberry, Anjou Pear, Clove Buds, Plantain Leaves, Vanilla Extract, Pie Crust, Butter Rum

Banana Daquiri

A yummy banana cocktail made of fresh, ripe banana and coconut with touches of citrus, enough to make your mouth water.


Talcum, amber, and musk, this fragrance is sure to remind you of an old-time barbershop

Bare Naked Lady

Fresh Sicilian lemon, fresh lime, fresh oranges, and a shot of ozone

Basil, Sage, and Mint

This deliciously herbaceous aroma cleverly combines basil with cool notes of garden mint. Sage and lemon blossom top off this crisp, earthy fragrance reminiscent of a flourishing herb garden.

Beach Blankets

Reminiscent of a warm pile of clean, fluffy cotton towel of fluffy white towels, with its clean, baby powder-like smell. Creamy coconut top notes with soft green and floral middle notes of lily and rose and long-lasting sweet, amber and musk bottom notes

Beach Daisies

This fragrance is a day at the beach surrounded by beautiful beach daisies! This fragrance is complex blend of asian lemongrass, dune grass, daisy petals, gardenia bloom, ylang-ylang, clove, blond woods, amber, and sheer musk

Beach Sage and Mint

Vibrant mint sprigs, coastal sage, crisp bergamot, and fresh green top notes are followed by spearmint boosted by floral notes of rose, lily, and soft musk undertones. This scent will lift you up and rejuvenate your spirit!

Beach Wood

Warm bases of woods, amber & musk are nicely balanced with citrus & mint notes to create an aroma reminiscent of being on a beachside trail in a remote tropical location

Bear Claws

Layers of sweet flaky pastry made irresistible with mouthwatering hints of chocolate, honey, almonds, raisins, and confectioner’s sugar

Beautiful Day

This delicious scent is highlighted with sun-kissed sliced apples, diced dewy ripe pear blended, bright wildflowers, and blonde woods.


The aroma of sweet malted grain and the bitterness of hops blended together perfectly for a fragrance truly reminiscent of beer

Beeswax and Propolis

Warm honey enhanced with light spring flowers and a hint of soothing musk


An uplifting, crisp citrus of imported bergamot fruit

Berry Cobbler

A graham cracker crust filled with juicy tart cherries, blueberries, and sweetness

Berry Flirt

Bright grapefruit accents this fruity floral blend that features a heart of white flowers and red berries. Sensual wood tones and natural green accents add texture to the blend as a base of sugared coconut and clear musk creates rich sweet undertones

Big City Streets

Fresh blend of mandarin, neroli, orange blossom and white musk

Birch and Black Pepper

An oriental woody blend with cool spiciness

Bite Me

A blast of cherry effervescence! Fresh citrus notes sparkling with bubbly highlights lead to a luscious blend of cherry and berry in this playful scent.

Black Amber Lavender

Exotic Egyptian amber and elegant French Lavender create the heart of this rich and comforting fragrance. Hints of Tonka bean and myrrh conform to add sophistication, creating the ideal balance of sweet floral and warm earthy notes

Black Cedar Wood and Juniper

A masculine blend starting with a very light citrus accord, followed by exotic florals and clove buds drying to an amber and clean woodsy base

Black Cherry

An intense aromatic scent of fresh ripe black cherries

Black Coconut

Sunset in coconut, star anise, cedarwood and island blossoms promise an evening of luxurious tranquility.

Black Ginger Bamboo

A blend of ginger and bamboo with a very exotic musk

Black Leather and Vetiver

Dark notes of black leather, patchouli, and oud wood are enhanced with vetiver, black pepper, and vanilla.

Black Merlot

Our version of this addictive blend of dark cherry, black raspberry, and sumptuous merlot. Heaven in a bottle!

Black Raspberry Vanilla

A perfect mix of sweetened black raspberries with warm and velvety vanilla cream

Black Sea

An earthy fragrance of Lavender, Ylang Ylang, and Honeysuckle mixed with some green notes and musk and an ambergris bottom note.

Blackberry Jam

Sweet Blackberries and sugar come together to make a mouth watering jam. Just add biscuits

Blackberry Lemonade

Rich fruity blackberry topknots boosted by lemony citrus and sweet raspberry bottom notes created this irresistible and divine drink

Blackberry Sage

Orange, crushed blackberry, peach, strawberry, jasmine petals, and fresh sage come together for this aromatic blend

Blackberry Vanilla Bourbon

Top notes of berry, middle notes of blackberry, and base notes of vanilla and bourbon


Crisp citrus notes highlight this aromatic woody blend followed with fresh lavender and jasmine on a background of cedar, musk and Asian Sandalwood.

Blue Hawaiian

A fantastic blend of pineapples, blueberries, and coconut

Blue Laundry

Sweet orange accents add sparkle to this clean laundry floral blend

Blue Raspberry Candy

Sweet fresh Blue Raspberry, so sweet that your mouth waters just smelling it

Blue Raspberry Slushie

A delightful dance between sweet and sour. Top notes of Blueberry, peach and strawberry with middle notes of Blue violet, velvet rose and sweet candy accord. Bottom notes of Creamy vanilla and sweet sugar crystals

Blue Sugar

Masculine fresh citrus blends with rich patchouli, soft musk and sweet vanilla

Blueberry Cheesecake

Rich, ripe blueberries mixed into a thick, rick and creamy New York style cheesecake that creates the ultimate blueberry delight

Blueberry Lemon Donut

Freshly picked blueberries with juicy lemon baked into a delicious vanilla cake donut topped with a sweet, sugary glaze

Blueberry Pancakes

Buttery hot cakes with fresh berries and syrup on top

Blueberry Pumpkin Patch

Blueberries fresh from the farm are the perfect match for ripe pumpkins in this delicious autumn blend.

Bomb Pop

A house blend of Cherry Slushee, Fizzy Pops, and Blue Raspberry Jolly Rancher


Hints of red berries, juicy mandarin, damask plum, cassia bark, summer amaryllis, campfire smoke, and vanilla bean generate the scent of a summer bonfire on the beach

Bourbon and Butterscotch

Rich, creamy butterscotch intertwines with the oak barrel aged notes of bourbon whiskey and fragrant, sweet vanilla to unite and enhance this fragrant accord

Bourbon and Sea Salt Caramel

Rich, barrel aged bourbon and sweet soft caramel with course sea salt

Bourbon Street

An intoxicating blend of pear and apple top notes with warm, slightly spicy alcoholic notes and sweet, creamy bottom notes.

Brazilian Goddess

Luscious salted caramel on a bed of pistachio and warm sunshine

Breakfast Crunch

Just like opening a fresh box for breakfast. Fruity berries with base of Captain Crunch

Brown Sugar and Fig

TThis intoxicating and warm fragrance combines ripe fig, creamy coconut milk, caramelized brown sugar, soft, velvety musk with a hint of cedar.

Brown Sugar Cookie

Nothing makes your home feel and smell more cozy than freshly baked cookies! Rich, delicious warm brown sugar, sugar cookies - YUM! Sweet, rich, brown sugar, Tonka bean, baked vanilla, rich melted butter, cocoa powder with a tiny hint of citrus. Down home, fresh baked goodness at its best!


Put a quarter into the machine and blow some bubbles

Bubbly Airhead

A house blend of Uhhh What and Fizzy Pops

Bunny Burps

Newly sprouted garden greens, soft kisses of gentle mint, and light, airy spring florals

Bunny Cake

A sweet creamy vanilla blended with sugary lemon and coconut.

But First Coffee

Layer, upon layer of decadent coffee indulgence. Milky, sweet coffee, with a rich creaminess and an intense, bold undertone of dark roast. A coffee lovers' dream!

Butter Brickle

Right, strong sticky drops of Vermont maple, toffee, and creamy butter mingle with rich vanilla to create this tantalizing aroma

Butter Mints

A fresh bag of peppermint sugar candies with hints of butter

Butter Pecan

A scrumptious blend of southern pecans and crunchy pralines topped with sweet, buttery caramel sauce.

Butterfly Flower

This is fresh floral bouquet of ozone and sweet amber with sweet green notes

Butterscotch Maple Cream

Luscious buttery top notes blend with the sweet creamy tones of this down home scent. A heart of maple cream and a hint of spice for texture, while a base of creamy vanilla adds rich, lingering sweetness

Buttery Brown Sugar

Scrumptious is the first word that comes to my mind when I smell this oil! Creamy, rich vanilla with whispers of cinnamon and almond blended with rich caramelized brown sugar, butter and nuts.

Cabana Boy

Sweet fruits with hints of vanilla

Cactus and Sea Salt

Green, watery cactus accords mingle with fresh, ozonic sea salt in this unique, clean fragrance combination.

Cake Bake

Rich and yummy white cake baked to perfection


Lime with hints of neroli and olibanum

Calming Night (also called Sleeping Beauty for LYBC)

Tranquil yet soothing blend of lavender and vanilla. (This blend does contain 33% essential oils)

Candy Land

Top notes of pink lemon and citron, middle notes of candied strawberry and lime zest with loads of sugar cane and vanilla extract on the bottom

Candy Rush

A super fun concoction with blends of fruits, spun sugar, and hints of caramel with super sweet vanilla bottom notes

Cannabis Flower

Somewhat floral with a light spicy note, this scent has slight earthy notes of grass, warm musk and cedar. A strong herbal green.


A cannoli pastry shell filled with a filling of rich vanilla cream, sweet vanilla cupcake batter, sugar, powdered sugar, and hints of chocolate chips.

Caramel Apple

A hint of crisp green autumn apple is surrounded with warm buttery tones to engage the senses with this fall treat. Cinnamon spiced caramel and maple sugar blend with rich vanilla for a luscious effect. Hints of musk complete the sweet sensation.

Caramel Apple Cake

A house blend of caramel apples and sweet vanilla cake

Caramel Cream Coffee (also called Copper Boom)

This enticing, dessert-like scent starts off with the scrumptious and inviting scent of clean coffee! Roasted to decadent perfection, then brewed to rich, darkish bliss, this wonderful and sturdy scent is smoothed and enriched by way of heavenly guidelines of Tonka bean and irresistible dashes of coconut cream. Delectable base notes of candy vanilla, syrupy maple and at ease sugar crystals mix to create a splendidly indulgent fragrant treat, and a mouthwatering pride for the sense

Caramel Macchiato

Creamy caramel notes are blended with coconut milk, coffee beans and cocoa powder on a base of sweet, frothy vanilla to create the irresistible scent of caramel macchiato

Caramel Vanilla

Nice creamy vanilla covered with caramel

Caribbean Escape

An island breeze of fresh pineapple, casaba melon and creamy coconut

Caribbean Salsa

Sweet Mango, Peach, Pineapple, Coconut and Sweet Strawberry with hints of Vanilla

Carnival Corn

Popcorn coated in that delicious caramel candy shell, the kind of popcorn you can only get at the carnival or baseball park

Cashmere Cedar

Sweet top notes sprinkle over a bed of petals and finish with a smooth, woody base

Cashmere Glow

Envelop yourself in the warmth of vanilla, french pear and cashmere musk

Catch a Wave

A mystical blend of fruits and ocean spray that is sure to take you on a mental trip to the beach

Cedar & Saffron

Cedar infused with patchouli, raspberries and sandalwood, topped with clove buds, hot cinnamon and crisp pine needles

Cedar Wood Spice

Rich warm notes of spicy incense blend with rich cedar wood and spicy clove, with hints of bergamot and black pepper.

Cereal Killer

House blend of Fruit Loops, Crunch Berries, and Fizzy Pops

Champagne Pear

Sparkling champagne with the fresh scent of pear

Champagne Pomegranate

Sparkling champagne with the fresh scent of pomegranate


Rich scent of chardonnay is expertly created using fruit notes and touches of cognac and spice

Cheermister Meets Whoville

A blend of spruce, apple, cranberries, grapefruit, cinnamon, and clove

Cherry Almond

A classic and loved mixture of cherries and almonds

Cherry Blossom Tree

Nice oriental cherry, with fresh airy floral blend

Cherry Champagne Toast

Crisp champagne with the perfect blend of cherries

Cherry Lime Twist

Sweet delicious cherries, citrusy lime, and a tiny hint of cotton candy to balance out the sweet and tart of cherry and lime

Cherry Lollies

A super sweet cherry sucker with yummy fruit flavored bubble gum inside.

Cherry Marshmallow

A sweet bing cherry accord is brightened with hints of strawberry to awaken the senses, with rich vanilla and creamy marshmallow to help create perfection

Cherry Sinus Relief

A house blend of Cherry Slushee and Sinus Relief

Cherry Slushee

Sweet and tangy cherry frozen drink

Cherry Tobacco

This blend is reminiscent of the woody and sweet aromas of newly crushed pipe tobacco leaves with the classic scent of a tart, deep cherry

Chicks Dig It

Sweet, ripe cherries, sugared lemons and lime laced with sugary crystals


House blend of Gotham’s Library and Mahogany Coconut

Chocolate Amber (also called Twisted Sister)

Sensual amber infused with sweet berries, milk chocolate, and soothing vanilla

Chocolate Bunny

Pure, creamy milk chocolate, like the solid bunny in your Easter basket

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Sweet fresh strawberries covered in chocolate

Christmas Morning Coffee

Special spice blend of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and ginger wrapped around a buttery almond accord with a sweet vanilla and maple dry down

Christmas Tree Farm

Fresh citrus adds sparkle to this winter delight of crisp pine needles, sweet fir balsam and warm cedar. Hints of spiced apple add sweetness to the blend while clear musky undertones create lingering sweetness

Christmas Wreath

Green fir and sweet berry

Cider Donuts

Crisp, ripe, juicy apples fresh from the orchard blended with a rich, almost cake donut and tiny hints of caramel and cinnamon

Cinderella (LYBC)

Sweet and a little sassy, this would be the signature scent of a glass shoe wearing princess. The scent starts with sparkling lemon andValencia orange, with middle notes of sugar mint, fresh verbena and orange blossom, and finished with notes of Italian cedar wood and musk

Cinnamon Caramel Coffee

A fabulous delicious coffee blend of creamy vanilla, spicy cinnamon, hot sweet caramel and fresh, strong home-brewed coffee. The caramel and cinnamon blended with the creamy vanilla floats to the top with the fresh coffee scent blending and settling to the bottom. A wonderful rich, aromatic blend!

Cinnamon Caramel Swirl

The ultiment blend of creamy caramel, cinnamon, and sweet vanilla

Cinnamon Chip Snickerdoodles

Top notes of cinnamon, vanilla orchid, and hints of lemon peel and rich butter. Middle notes of clove leaf, turbinado sugar, and vanilla beam. Botton notes of creamy sandalwood and chilled cookie dough

Cinnamon Rolls

Just like cooking cinnamon rolls in the oven

Cinnamon Sugared Donut

Fresh crushed cinnamon blended with sugar crystals on top of a fresh doughnut. Do we need to say more?


Lemon-like aroma with grassy green undertones (This blend is 100% essential oil)

Citrus Cedar

Shimmering citrus is accented with watery tones to add sparkle to this rich woody blend. Cedarwood blends with hints of lavender and patchouli while soft layers of moss and musk lead to the sweet base of golden amber.

Citrus Linen

A wonderful, refreshing scent, the top notes are clean lemon and zesty lime. Middle notes of exquisite orange blossom and lemongrass that greet the base notes of jasmine, subtle woods, and powdery musk

Citrus Odor Eliminator

A refreshing blend of lemon, orange and bright grapefruit combines with an odor eliminating agent to create a clean fragrance that is sparkling

Citrus Splash

Smells like a fresh clean citrus mixture of lemon, lime and grapefruit.

Clause Acres

Sweet peppermint sticks with a creamy, rich vanilla foundation

Clean Freak

A unique and refreshing combination of lemons, limes, and oranges with mixed sweet fruits and a hint of clean green, this bubbly, crisp and clean scent is too good to resist.

Clean Sheets (also called Logan)

Smells like fresh clean cotton linen

Clementine Mint Leaves

Fresh orange clementine with sweet floral notes of lily and rose with a hint of mint on a bed of musk ambrette

Clothesline Fresh

Fresh wain water, spicy floral tones of lily and dianthus are brightened with citrus blossoms for a clean floral bouquet, with lingering musky and soft woods undertones

Cocoa Butter and Cashmere

This warm and cozy fragrance creates the perfect comforting ambiance anytime of the year. The complexity of warm spices, rich cocoa butter, olive wood and a touch of coconut sweetness combines to create a truly relaxing fragrance.

Coconut Cream Frap (also called Paris)

Ripe coconut, softened butter, fresh brewed coffee with rich whipped cream and toasted coconut flakes

Coconut Cream Pie

A mix of coconut, vanilla, and cream, and you can almost smell the pie crust!

Coconut Extreme

A natural coconut shell type with a nutty coco nutty top note, a massoia, and milky middle note with a sweet vanilla and Tonka bean base note.

Coconut Mango

A mouth watering, tangy sweet honey mango coupled with sweet island coconut as well as a touch of vanilla.

Coconut Mango Tango

Sweet creamy coconut with hints of citrus, apple, and bottom notes of ripe, sweet mango

Coconut Milk and Lavender

French vanilla infused with rich coconut milk and hints of musk

Coconut Pumpkin Latte

A freshly brewed cup of coconut cream, whipped pumpkin & warm praline

Coconut Sandalwood

Dry, woodsy top notes of cedar and sandalwood with intermingling notes of coconut and soft musky bottom notes

Coffee Cake

House blend of Happy Birthday Doll Face and Caffeine Overload

Coffee Cart

Rich coffee with hints of cream and strong roasted notes

Coffee House

There is no mistaking the aroma of walking into your favorite coffee house when the perfectly blended scent of your favorite coffee drinks and baked pastries welcomes you in. Fresh roasted coffee with whispers of creamy butter, coconut flakes, vanilla beans and maple syrup. A slight hint of roasted nuts complete this fragrance.


This perfect blend of black currant, bergamot, and cypress will have you feeling like you could snuggle under your comforter for the day and just relax

Confetti Sprinkles

Sweet vanilla frosting with hints of berries and a hint of buttery sugar cookies

Continental Breakfast

Melted Butter, Crisp Bacon, Cinnamon Spice, Ground Nutmeg, Clove Leaves, Maple Syrup, Pie Crust, Vanilla Sugar

Cool Coconut Surf

Hit the beach with a wave of pineapple, frozen citrus and fresh coconut water, vanilla, and musk.

Coriander Lemongrass

Sweet and succulent lemongrass blends with freshly picked coriander for a fresh, herbal scent

Cornbread Muffins

You won’t be able to resist the down home southern bakery goodness of this fresh, sweet, buttery cornbread

Cottage Breeze

Bright, sparkling lemon and orange with comforting cotton, vanilla and musk.

Cotton Amber

Light and airy cotton is enhanced with the richness of amber mingled with floral and woody notes. An earthy, exotic twist on the fresh familiarity of clean cotton.

Cotton Candy

Fresh spun cotton candy you get from the county fair

Cotton Candy Twist

Think pink - Just like fresh cotton candy from a country fair!

Cotton Sheets

Crisp accents of citrus and dew drops add a fresh sensation to this plush blend

Country Style French Toast

Nothing beats Mama’s french toast! Crispy golden pastry goodness with notes of sweetened condensed milk, Tonka bean, and rich, churned butter

Cozy Flannel

Fresh Air, cozy flannel, lemon peel, honeysuckle, violet petals, green leaves, vanilla bean, white musk, blonde woods

Cranberry Apple Marmalade

Tangy cranberry and juicy red apple sprinkled with just the right amount of sugared cinnamon spice

Cranberry Bliss Bar

We all know how irresistible these sinfully delicious treats are. The tangy sweetness of the cranberries and orange zest, the buttercream frosting and warm spices are all here

Cranberry Citrus

A complex blend of tart cranberries, juicy grapefruit, tangy tangerine, sweet orange, and lemon-lime

Cranberry Mandarin

This scent blends top notes of orange nuances, juicy cranberry, and mandarin essences with middle notes of floral accents, sweet rose, ripe berries, cranberry mango blossom, and strawberries into a base of vanilla and musky notes.

Creamsicle (also called Taylor’s Soda Shoppe)

Creamy orange with sweet vanilla notes


A passionate blend of pomegranate & red osmanthus with a sexy surprise of vanilla rum

Crisp Morning Air

With hints of mint layered under pear and sage, it's like the first deep breath of clean fresh air early in the morning

Cuban Cigar

Sweet tobacco & smoky spices illuminate by bright citrus top notes resting on a base of opulent woods & musk.

Cucumber and Sea Salt

Top notes of Himalayan Sea Salt, Lychee Fruit and Citron Zest. Middle notes of Cucumber Peel Extract, Sea moss and Pepino Melon with bottom notes of Coconut Water, Baltic Amber and Whipped Musk.

Cupcakes at Tiffany’s

Sweet buttery notes with hints of toffee, tiny hints of chocolate with loads of sweet and slightly fruity buttercream notes, and creamy fluffy vanilla cake bottom notes.

Cuppy Cake

A true, sweet white cake with hints of creamy, sugary vanilla bean frosting

Dancing Sugar Plums

Nice bouquet mixed with berries and some subtle spice notes drying to a soft vanilla background.

Deep Sleep

A house blend of Rosemary Pepper and Time for Pajamas

Desert Sunrise

Snuggle up with a blend of eucalyptus, juniper berry and fresh sage that celebrates the arrival of crisp autumn breezes

Domestic Goddess

Shimmering forest tones of fern and green clover balance with a soothing floral blend to create this soft luxurious scent

Dr. Pepper

That unmistakable fizzy Dr. Pepper smell

Dragonfruit Poptail

Top Notes of dragonfruit slides, guava juice, and bergamot. Heart of Coconut Blossom syrup and jasmine petals. Bottom notes of Gin and dragonfruit popsicle


The classic men’s cologne

Dream Clouds

A combination of marshmallow and vanilla with a touch of lavender make this a sweet and relaxing blend

Dream Time

A house blend of Dream Clouds and Time for Pajamas

DV’s Cigar Lounge (also called Richard)

Sweet tobacco & smoky spices illuminate by bright citrus top notes resting on a base of opulent woods & musk, blended with leather


Raspberry pulp, passion fruit, mandarin, pear, ginger lily, jasmine, brilliant poppy and juicy plum; base notes of sandalwood, creamy musk, white amber crystals, frosted vanilla crème and warm cedar

Earl Grey

A clean, fresh scent of traditional Earl Grey tea leaves blended with fresh herbs and bergamot zest

Enchanted Apple

This exotic blend is heirloom apples mixed with sparkling citrus notes of lime and grapefruit with hints of apple blossom, jasmine, and white lily, all on a soothing base of vanilla musk and warm spice

Endless Love

A Mix of fruit & floral on a background of musk & vanilla


A clean combination of cool menthol and eucalyptus leaves with a light spicy character

Eucalyptus Rain

A soothing blend of eucalyptus, spearmint, and fresh rain

Eucalyptus Tea

Crushed mint and eucalyptus accent jasmine tea which fades to reveal musky amber undertones

Evening Showers

Eucalyptus creates lift for this romantic floral blend of lavender and lilac. Warm woods soften the bouquet as soft, sweet notes of sugared vanilla and white musk add a soft background..


This wonderful creation smells of Cotton Candy, Caramelized Apples and hints of funnel cakes

Fairy Dust

A sweet blend of fresh pomegranate and citrus creates natural juicy tones for this sweet heart delight. Creamy undertones of berry and musk are sweetened with vanilla and sugar crystals complete this luscious scent.

Fairy Fresh

Notes of orange, citrus, apple, rose, bergamot and neroli make up this perfectly blended scent

Fall Avenue

A welcoming aroma of hot cider spiced with cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg.

Fall Festival

Apples, crushed cinnamon, cloves with hints of orange peel and sweet vanilla make up this divine Fall scent

Fall Leaves

This scent captures that first sign of the leaves turning with a dry woodsy musk and hints of green and morning dew

Fall Magic

A wonderful blend of orange slices, peaches, and apples surrounded by crushed cloves and ground cinnamon with a warm background of Tonka and sweet vanilla

Fallen Leaves

Smoky wood is the essence of this rich, autumn fragrance. Guaicwood and cedar are accented with notes of apple, spices, berries, and patchouli on a base of sweet musk.

Farm Fresh

California lemon zest, fresh crisp green apples, and fresh picked red berries start off this scent, with middle notes of pear, white cyclamen, and lily of the valley. This scent is brought together with bottom notes of reclaimed barn wood, candied peaches, and vanilla bean.

Farmstand Apple

Crisp apple followed by fresh green notes and subtle notes of pear with the sweetness of fresh picked apples

Fiery Red Hots

Take a trip back in time with our Red Hot Cinnamon fragrance and the delicious aroma of the Red Hots candies you enjoyed as a kid. This throwback scent evokes memories of childhood fun, from decorating gingerbread houses to watching favorite movies in theaters. Top notes of cinnamon and rich nutmeg stand out right away. A heart of clove reinforces the spice, while sugar and wood notes round out the sweet base

First Sour then Sweet

A little sweet and a little sour. Lemon, lime, and fruity top notes, pineapple and berry middle notes, and sweet vanilla, cotton candy, and musky bottom notes

Fizzy Pops

Lemon-lime soda similar to Sprite or Sierra Mist

Fizzy Rocks

Just like the fizzy rocks candy you loved as a kid, this fruity fragrance really POPS


The warm blend of black vanilla, frozen pear and blooming gardenia wraps you in modern glamour. You will totally love the surprising twists of juicy fruit and flirtatious flowers. This sexy blend is loaded with fabulous fragrance notes of Mandarin, lychee, frozen pear, red delicious apple, sweet pea, jasmine, gardenia, freesia, magnolia, vanilla, musk, praline, amber, and sandalwood.

Floral & Banana

Jasmine and rose are brightened with sweet notes of banana, strawberry, cantaloupe, and sugary vanilla.

Forever Midnight

Nice blend of night-blooming vanilla orchid & luscious plum nectar with hints of rich caramel liqueur

French Lavender and Honey

Green notes accent the lavender accord that intertwines with fresh fern and wild honey in this blend. Warm sandalwood finishes this blend

French Market

The aroma of a French flower market with a blend of coconut, peach, and white berries. Mid notes of fresh roses, magnolias, gardenia and tuberose on a bed of sweet vanilla and soft woody notes.

French Vanilla

This pleasurable blend of rich cream, tiny hints of rum with butter is tantalizing to the senses. Sweet milky notes and soft hints of cocoa bean create the perfect finish to this heavenly blend

Fresh Baked Bread

Fresh from the oven, you can smell all of the ingredients in this freshly baked and buttered bread

Fresh Cut Grass

Forest fern intertwines with leafy greens and summer grasses as soft floral accents add to this scent, and morning dew completes it

Fresh Linen

Smells of fresh clean cotton linen with powdery musky and hints of floral, citrus notes

Fresh Linen Odor Eliminator

Eliminates bad odors and leaves behind a clean, fresh linen scent

Fresh Squeezed Oranges

An aroma of fresh peeled orange

Frizzy Mermaid Hair

A house blend of Salty Mermaid Hair and Fizzy Pops

Froggy Snacks (LYBC)

This scent features a sweet and sugary aroma with just a hint of raspberry, just like visiting a candy store at Disney (named for everyone’s favorite Star Wars baby)

Frosted Apple Jacks

Top notes of red apple, sugar, and peppermint. Middle notes of cinnamon, banana, strawberry, cocoa, and sugarplums. Bottom notes of Vanilla

Frosted Blue

Fresh mint and white musk

Frozen Lake

Take a walk through a winter wonderland with this delightful scent. The top notes have hints of citrus blends, with hints of mint, lavender, and juniper berries on an amber and woodsy background

Frozen Margarita

A classic poolside drink, having a pronounced citrus top-note of lime, orange peel, grapefruit and a twist of lemon, followed by a subtle orange blossom nuance, and a green mint leaf, and woody-spicy base-note.

Frozen Mermaid

A house blend of Snow Day and Salty Mermaid Hair

Frozen Pear Margarita

A refreshing blend of juicy pear, lemon, and mango flower. Top notes of pineapple, clementine, green anjou pear, and Mexican peach nectar with mid-notes of freesia, lily of the valley, lotus flower and hibiscus on a dry base of coconut wood, vanilla-infused musk, sea salted driftwood, and silver tequila.

Fruit Loop Madness

A house blend of Fruit Loops, Birthday Cake, Vanilla Ice Cream, and Fizzy Pops

Fruit Loops

Smells like your favorite cereal box being opened. Fruity and sweet, grab a bowl!

Fruit Loops

Lemon, cake, and other fruits create this nostalgic cereal scent

Fruit Salad

Top notes of watermelon and citron, middle notes of melon, coconut nectar, and orchid, and base notes of Tonka bean and apple

Fruity Cereal Bars

Fluffy marshmallows and sweet fruity pebbles cereal

Fruity Gum

Reminiscent of Wrigley’s all-time favorite gum, this combination of ripe, sweet fruits can only be called Juicy Fruit!

Funnel Cake

With rich buttery creamy deep fried cake notes, followed by sweet confectioners sugar and bottom notes of vanilla, this carnival favorite is sure to bring back childhood memories.

After the Rain

A blending of freshly turned wet soil, rich in mineral nuances and woody notes such as teakwood and cedar. Then it's punctuated by mushrooms and green moss. This is like digging into your garden after a summer rain. The clean, bold scent embodies all earthy elements.

Georgia Peach

Freshly sliced ripe and juicy Georgia Peach

German Chocolate Cake

Rich German chocolate topped with sweet coconut and ground up pecans

Gin & Tonic

A fizzy aldehydic aroma infused with fresh herbs for a bubbly and refreshing fragrance.

Ginger Sour

A fresh citrus blend of mandarin and lime, with notes of bourbon merged with cinnamon and clove to produce a warm spicy undertone.

Gingersnap Pumpkin

Gingersnap infused with white pumpkin and Autumn spices on a bed of vanilla and Turbinado sugar.


A fresh blend of bright florals and a hint of sweet citrus, this scent is fresh, feminine, clean, crisp, and irresistible!

Glitzy Girl

A fabulous blend of raspberry, strawberry, and cranberry enhanced by apples and licorice, and finished with light floral tones, exotic woods, and white musk create this warm scent

Golden Sands

Soft breezes of soothing sandalwood, luminous orange flower, and warm Tonka beans

Gotham’s Library

Old books, new books. aged magazines, historic documents, and old wooden bookshelves

Grapefruit Jasmine

A lively spirited blend of grapefruit and jasmine

Grapefruit Mangosteen

Ripe fresh Citrus and Cool Mango top notes with middle& bottom notes of pineapple, jasmine and rose

Grapefruit Vanilla Twist

Tart grapefruit blended with a warm vanilla

Great Outdoors

A fruity accord of pear and melon are accented with nuances of green leaves and pine while amber and warm leather complete the fragrance, bringing the fresh outdoors to life!

Greek Island Breeze

Clean citrus notes and soft watery undertones will transport you onto a boat ride with salty waters in Greece.

Green Apple Candy

Sweet, sugary, green juicy apple smells great

Green Irish Tweed

Spicy-sweet blend of Verbena and Lemon with base notes of Sandalwood and Amber

Grey Stuff (LYBC)

Try the grey stuff, it’s delicious! Chocolate cookies, icing, and creamy fudge blended together to create a scent straight out of a fantasy!


Top notes of Crushed Mint, Lemon Peel and crisp cool peppermint. Middle notes of spicy Cinnamon Bark and Brown Sugar. Bottom notes of Whipped Vanilla, White Cocoa, Cane Sugar.


House blend of Calming Night, Time for Pajamas, and Sleepy Squishy. (This blend does contain essential oils)

Gummy Bear Slushie

Top notes of mango, lime, nectarine, orange, and grapefruit, with middle notes of peach, ginger flowers, pink pepper and clove leaves, and finished off with bottom notes of musk and a hint of vanilla

Gummy Bears

Just open up a bag and take a deep breath! This will take you back to your childhood


Bright and cheerful top notes of mandarin orange, lemon and lime dance joyfully into middle notes of freesia, sea accord and jasmine, splashing into playful green accord, cedar and musk.

Happy Birthday Dollface!

Sweet frosting, white cake, and buttery top notes

Harvest Gathering

Red Apple, Cinnamon leaf and cranberries

Hawaiian Butter

Think suntan lotion! Fatty and rich buttercream and fruity top notes, coconut middle notes, and cotton candy and sweet vanilla bottom notes

Hawaiian Guava Fresca

A beautiful blend of hibiscus, guava and beach blossoms. Top notes of hibiscus, kiwi, mango nectar, juicy orange, and grapefruit agua fresca with mid-notes of fresh guava, pink plumeria, Mexican passionflower, and jasmine on a dry base of sea salt driftwood, iris, creamy sandalwood, warm amber, and musk

Hazelnut Cappuccino

A milky sweet nutty gourmand coffee type with top notes of fresh coffee, milky hazelnut, maple, coconut milk and rum, middle notes of heliotrope, peach, and cinnamon, with a soft musky sweet vanilla bean base note.

Hazelnut Coffee (also called Town Meeting)

Hazelnut Coffee is expertly blended with a complimentary fusion of indulgent notes including warm hazelnuts, vanilla, and a touch of coconut syrup.

Hazy Dragon

Buds of cannabis wrapped in a soft bouquet of muguet, osmanthus, ylang ylang and white amber (This fragrance oil is synthetic and does not contain any THC)

Heart Breaker

A house blend of zesty citrus, a heart of aromatic lavender, cardamom, moss and sheer jasmine - all warmed up by base notes of cedar, velvet woods and sweet and spicy notes over a smoky woody base

Hearth and Home

The fragrance of pine cones burning in a fireplace, but you also get a kind of a grandma's kitchen smell with it! You can smell the spices and a bit of sweetness added to it!


A heavenly blend of hydrangea and violet with nuances of pear and musk.

Hello Gorgeous

This shimmering white floral bouquet is a showered with dewdrops that add freshness. Hints of cassis brighten with fruity tones that blend with fresh greens and warm woods, unfolding to reveal creamed musk and golden amber


A poetic masculine fragrance, with apple peel, cinnamon and spices in a leather, sweet wood base

Here’s to Us

An effervescent blend of champagne, juicy nectarine, and black currant will make you want to raise a glass and say “Cheers!”

Hibiscus Guave Fresca

A spray of fresh watery tones cools the tropical fruit top note in this fruity floral blend. An exotic blooming floral accord at the heart of the fragrance is accented with green foliage and underscored with a sweet base of creamed musk and sweet vanilla. Finishing touches of amber and sandalwood create sensual appeal.

Hillbilly Mistletoe

Fruity, green and piney top notes slightly spicy, berry type of sweet middle notes cotton candy , mossy, musky & sweet raspberry type of bottom notes


Camphor, vetiver, and patchouli

Home Sweet Home

Spices, cinnamon, apple and hints of zucchini bread

Honey Clementine

Refreshing orange peel takes a sweet clementine and makes it a honey-dipped citrus delight

Honey Lavender Gelato

A delightful lavender treat with fresh violet, cool blackberries, raspberries, and topped off with creamy vanilla and warm honey for a delectably sweet finish


A green yet sweet fruit with hints of peaches, apples and strawberries on alight musky background.

Honeydew Creamsicle

Ripe juicy honeydew melon paired with super sweet and creamy whipped cream

Hoodrat Remix

A house blend of Summer Eruption, Filzzy Pops, and Cherry Champagne Toast

Hoodrat Things

A house blend of Summer Eruption, Fizzy Pops, and Cherry Slushee

Hot Apple Pie

Delectable note burst from this hot, fresh out of the oven apple pie scent. All the goodness you would expect from an apple pie bottled up for your enjoyment

Hot Buttered Maple Syrup

A maple fragrance with a buttery top note and a strong maple body. The base notes are a sweet vanilla character with a rich maple background

Hot Cocoa (also called Good Juju)

Sweet chocolate cocoa takes you away

Hot Cranberry Tea

A beautiful blend of cranberry, orange, and raspberry top notes with white flower and juniper on a base of vanilla and sandalwood.

Hot Kiss

Notes of mandarin orange, sweet red berries, and a hint of grapefruit that will give you a zing when you need it. Add in a splash of jasmine, sweet mimosa, and yummy dew fruit for an extra burst of energy

Hot Mess

This scent is a hot mess, but your nose will love the ooey gooey scent of chocolate, sugar, hints of spice, and rich creamy vanilla

I’m on a Horse

This masculine scent features top notes of zesty citrus, a heart of aromatic lavender, cardamom, moss and sheer jasmine - all warmed up by base notes of cedar, velvet woods and amber.

Ice Queen

Top notes of morning seabreeze, bergamot, and frozen rain. Middle notes of juniper berries, chamomile, and white poinsettia. Bottom notes have hints of cedar branches, misted vanilla, and peppermint sticks

Iced Lemon Cookie

Your mouth waters as the heady aroma of fresh baked lemon cookies wafts out each time the door to the shop opens; the perfect combination of sweet and baking

Iced Lemon Danish

This delicate, but yummy fragrance is just like a fresh lemon pastry topped with icing


Top notes of ozone and cypress with mid notes of jasmine and spice on a base of cedar, sugar, and moss

Irish Cream Coffee

Indulge yourself with this sensuous blend of French Roast and Irish Crème. Rich tones of roasted coffee bean are surrounded with accents of oak aged liquor. Smooth, sweet undertones of vanilla crème create a velvety background for the café blend.

Island Getaway

A summer vacation in Hawaii. Fresh cut melon, island coconut and palm leaves combine to create the ultimate sun inspired summer scent

Island Girl

A wild and strong blend of oranges and sweet cherry with just a touch of vanilla

Island Heat

A powerful fresh pineapple juice, rich strawberries, and sweet orange juice combined with a little zing, some sweet vanilla, and brown sugar.

Istanbul Nights

Exotic as the lands around Istanbul. An aromatic and sensual blend of Myrrh and Sandalwood and a light touch of vanilla

Ivory Woods

Top notes of golden sandalwood, muguet, and french iris, middle notes of soft vanilla flower, jasmine, and timberwood, and dry notes of tonka bean, cashmere musk, and ivory oud

Jelly Beans

Sweet wild cherry mixed with spiced fruit to capture the scent of a springtime treat. Strawberry and peach balance with cinnamon and spice, and sugared vanilla finishes off the blend.

Jelly Glazed Donuts

Sweet fried dough glazed with generous amounts of vanilla sugar, and filled with strawberry jam

Jingle Bells

Cassis, red currant, a touch of cinnamon, and a hint of strawberry blended with spearmint, cherry almond, and LOTS of citrus

Juniper Twist

Crisp Juniper with a twist of lavender, fresh lemon, and lime

Just Keep Swimming (LYBC)

Loaded with juicy fruits that pop and crackle! You will love this crazy strong scent!


Earthy patchouli is blended with refreshing lemongrass, orange oil and pine to create a clean and lovely scent

Kentucky Bourbon

An intoxicating blend of bourbon, rum, and cognac notes unfold into a heart of geranium, palmarosa, and rose accords. A dark, woody blend of cedar and vetiver create the base.


Just like kettle corn at the fair

Key Lime Cookies

Delightfully sweet with a tangy bit of kick, and finished with sugar cookie notes


House blend of Vanilla and Leather

King of the North

Notes of crisp citrus and eucalyptus mingle with hints of cold morning air, linger after a long, grueling battle at Winterfell. This masculine fragrance is completed with notes meadow grass and cedarwood, making it fit for the King.

Kiwi Melon

Fresh juicy kiwi, watermelon, canteloupe and ripe strawberries with just the right amount of sugar crystals sprinkled on top.

Kristin’s Kitchen (also called Tastes Like Freedom)

A fabulous blend of ripe juicy fruits such as plum, strawberry, raspberry and grapefruit sweetened by subtle undertones of french vanilla, hints of cocoa, melted butter, whipped cream and fresh baked goodness

Kristina’s Candy

Sweet and sour, and most excellent, with strong notes of strawberry, grapefruit, lemon, and orange, this smells just like Kristina’s favorite tablet candies


Pure lavender oil is enhanced with hints of wood and fresh cedar as crisp green nuances add natural appeal to this scent. A trace of eucalyptus brightens the top of the fragrance

Lavender Bellini

With top notes of apricot, pineapple, lemon zest, middle notes of lavender petals, white cyclamen, and sweet nectar, and finished off with notes of plum blossom, green apple, and orange flower, this strong scent is one to love

Lavender Latte (also called Somebody Sedate Me)

Fresh coffee is blended with coconut milk and honey with a few shots of sweet lavender and vanilla. The result is a smooth, sweet, slightly fruity and herbaceous coffee that is not acrid or over the top lavender.

Lavender Linen

A lovely blend of fresh rain on a field of lavender and cotton

Lavender Milk

A harmonious blend of lavender, bergamot and lemon, with a heart of lavender and soy milk on a base of Tonka bean and musk

Lavender Rocks

Lavender and fizz mix with sea salt, pink grapefruit, California lemon, clary sage, lavender fields, sea grass, Siberian fir, amber woods and Tonka bean to create this perfect relaxing blend

Lavender Tea & Tonic

A bubbly lavender fragrance with a distinct apothecary vibe. Watery cucumber, honeydew melon, and ozone start off this refreshingly green scent, while middle notes of lavender buds and cooling camphor reinforce the herbal quality. Chamomile and white tea leaves complete the note profile of this soothing fragrance

Lavender Vanilla

This soothing blend calms the senses with a rich spiced floral accord. French lavender is warmed with spicy accents of nutmeg and ginger for the fragrance signature. A base of sweet vanilla bean intertwines with the floral tones, adding a lingering sensation of comfort


The familiar scent of fresh leather. Clean and nostalgic

Leather Tobacco

Rich, woodsy, fir top notes followed by notes of tobacco and spice with earthy, long-lasting musky bottom notes.

Leaves (also called Stars Hallow)

Fruit notes combine with enchanting spices to capture the magical essence of autumn leaves

Lemon Curd

Zesty Meyer lemon, key lime, lemongrass, Argentine lemon, wild rose, heliotrope blossom and vanilla bean, sugar crystals, and amber create this perfect jam that goes great with pastries, tarts, and scones

Lemon Drop

Those amazing little candies!

Lemon Ice Box

Sweet and creamy lemon ice box pie

Lemon Lavender

aromatic blend of herbaceous lavender and brilliant lemon pulp

Lemon Lavender Shortbread (also called Dragonfly Inn)

Top notes of lemon zest, crushed lavender and sweet orange. Middle notes of maple butter, hints of cinnamon leaf and a healthy dollop of Raspberry Jam

Lemon Linens

Smells like fresh citrus with clean cotton

Lemon Marshmallow Whip

Freshly squeezed from the Meyer lemon orchard, a fabulous sweet citrus zing and a hint of poppy seed.

Lemon Mint Leaf

Sparkling lemon peel and juicy orange are blended with fresh mint for an uplifting and bright scent

Lemon Peel

A fragrant, zesty lemon peel

Lemon Pound Cake

Sweet and strong lemony baked goods, “lemon pound cake” is all we need to say

Lemon Sugar

A refreshing blend of tart lemons mined in a light whipped cream and topped with sweet vanilla crystals

Lemon Sugar Cookies (also called Sookie)

An addictive blend of tart lemon baked to perfection and drizzled with the sugary sweetness of creamy vanilla frosting.


Effervescent tones of sparkling aldehyde balance add a bubbly top note to this citrus blend. Lemon peel is sweetened with tiny hints of orange and pineapple for a refreshing fruit cocktail. Traces of vanilla complete the summer sensation.


A botanical sensation combines sparkling citrus top notes with earthy herbaceous tones for natural appeal

Lemongrass and Green Leaves

Fresh and Invigorating, this twist on traditional lemongrass is definitely a winner!

Lemongrass and Sage

With top notes of citrus combined with an earthy blend of lemongrass, sage, and fresh air accord complete with base notes of geranium and musk.

Light Lager

The aroma of sweet malted grain and the bitterness of hops blended together perfectly for a fragrance truly reminiscent of beer

Lights of Passage (LYBC)

From our Most Magical Place On Earth scent line; this scent will take you back to the Flights of Passage ride experience. Coastal fresh with hints salty air, citrus, honeydew, a bit of violet………it is extraordinary


A field of sweet lilacs

Lime Basil Mandarin

An intricate blend of Italian mandarin accented with juicy lime and herbaceous earthy basil accords

Lime Blossom

The scent of sweet lime blossoms with a twist of bergamot

Lime Licker

Sweet, tart lime notes with loads of sugary crystals and tons of citrus notes give this lime drink one heck of a KICK

Lime Margarita

Zesty agave lime with fresh citrus under tones. Nice festive margarita fragrance

Little Black Dress

This mixture of sandalwood, natural musks, with hints of vanilla and patchouli

Lord of Misrule

Mysterious blend of rich patchouli, warm sandalwood, citrus, vetiver, and kisses of black pepper

Love Potion

This lush citrus blend is sweetened with hints of berry and surrounded with floral tones of lavender and green stems for freshness. A shimmering musk undertone adds sensuality. Inspired by Victoria's Secret Love Spell fragrance

Love Story

Soft floral top notes with amber, woody and tobacco middle notes and sweet, long lasting musky bottom note

Luke’s Diner

A hot cup of freshly brewed coffee with the tiniest swirl of vanilla creamer and sugar - sure to please even the most obsessed coffee drinkers


Smells like a cedar cabin with a nice vanilla blend.

Luxurious Linen

A warm linen fragrance of orange blossom, jasmine, cyclamen, herbal tea, and smooth cedar wood

Macintosh Apple (also called Apple)

A juicy, crisp fragrance of freshly cut Macintosh apples straight from the orchard

Madagascar Vanilla

A vanilla scent you’ve never experienced! An intoxicating blend of the world's most desired vanilla, perfectly enhanced with African pear, wild jasmine and white sandalwood.

Magical Unicorn Pops

Tangy citrus notes of satsuma and blood orange with goji berry bottom notes blended with sugary crystals and a tiny hint of creamy vanilla

Mahogany and Coconut

Mahogany layered with coconut, sandalwood, vanilla and oakmoss

Mahogany Teakwood

Green, citrus and fruit top notes with floral notes of jasmine, rose and lily middle notes enhanced by sweet woody musky bottom notes

Mamey Sapote

A sweet balance of spice, creamy pumpkin, cardamom and whipped vanilla cream.

Mango Mojito

This fresh summer treat opens with cool mint, tangy lime, and sweet orange, leading to a watery ozone highlight. Hints of pineapple accent the ripe mango accord at the heart of the fragrance, while smooth, sweet coconut is perfectly balanced with the tropical fruit. A smoky hint of bourbon creates intrigue, as sweet vanilla bean surrounds the tropical treat with sweetness

Mango Pineapple

Sweet mango blended with pineapple

Maple Pumpkin

This delightful pumpkin fragrance is bursting with maple notes. The combination of warm vanilla, cinnamon, and clove makes this the perfect fall scent!

Maple Sugar

Pine and bergamot are expertly blended with a woody accord, followed with sugar and cinnamon sticks on a base of warm amber and resin.

Marshmallow Chicks

The classic aroma of the sugary marshmallow Easter-time staple.

Marshmallow Confections

Marshmallow, coconut, candy apple and hints of praline. Hints of sweet vanilla and tonka Bean with a hint of musk. Did I say marshmallow?

Mediterranean Fig

A vibrant blend of sun-ripened figs with whispers of green apples and light woodsy notes

Melon Ball Fizz

A scrumptious fruity blend that starts on a base of cantaloupe melon mixed with tiny bits of fresh pineapple, ripe mango, papaya, passion fruit, banana, and a splash of berry

Melt Down

You will love this fresh, super frosty, and sinfully sweet scent! Top notes of peppermint and spearmint, middle notes of corn mint and sweet mint, and bottom notes of snow cotton candy and vanilla cream

Mexican Fried Ice Cream

Buttery cream, sweet vanilla, and hints of crust

Midnight Blue Citrus

Top Notes of citrus and tropical fruit, middle notes of aquatic ozone, and bottom notes of Musk

Midnight Make Outs

Berries, tempting blooms, sensual incense and night musk for this daring and seductive fragrance. It is a modern tale of forbidden love that will unleash your most primal passions

Midnight Moon

Bergamot with light pine type of fresh top notes with lavender type of middle notes enhanced with long-lasting mossy, & woody (sandalwood type) bottom notes

Migraines Suck

Crisp peppermint and cooling eucalyptus (this blend contains 84% essential oils)

Minute for Mommy

A great combination of grapes on the vine and the smell of them being harvested.

Monkey Farts

Banana, strawberry, kiwi, grapefruit, and vanilla

Moonlight Meeting

Rich masculine drakkar noir smell with light musk and citrus notes

Moonlight Path

A delicate floral reminiscent of sultry night-blooming petals

Morning Beignets

As you walk by the French bakery, the swirling scent of fresh baked lemon butter donuts sugared with nutmeg and cinnamon fills the air. Following this mouth watering scent inside the shop you discover (to your delight!) creamy vanilla, smooth bourbon and malt, and fresh baked biscuits. Everything comes together in one glorious round ball of fried donut perfection

Morocco Orchid and Pink Amber

Lush Morocco orchid, sensual amber, and succulent apricot capture the rich warmth of a lively marketplace and glittering desert

Moscato Pink

A heavenly blend of tropical passionfruit, blood orange zest, and Lisbon lemons with a sweet lime accord and floral and musk undertones

Mulled Cider

A fall blend of light green citrus, followed with hints of apple slices and orange peel, on a base of hot cinnamon and warm musk

Nag Champa

A traditional Indian fragrance. Nag Champa contains a large proportion of sandalwood and the frangipani fragrance, which comes from the champa (or plumeria) flower.

Napa Valley Sunset

A musky fig tonality blends with a tart fruit scent. The subtle pear juice and gentle white musk nuance blend together to enhance and complete this fragrant accord.

Not Today Satan

A soft and subtle scent with floral notes of Bulgarian Rose, Amazon Lily and Egyptian Jasmine lifted by a touch of citrus and a hint of green character on a long lasting musk

November Rain

Airy, watery, warm amber

O Christmas Tree

A fabulous festive holiday pine


Red oak, cedar wood and musk blend

Oatmeal Milk and Honey (also called Urinal Cakes)

Perfect blend of oats, milk, and honey

Ocean Breeze

Fresh aquatics with very, very light florals and subtle fruits, yield to a harmonious blend of musks and sandalwoods to create one of the best aquatic scents out there today.

Ocean Mist

This shimmering aquatic blend opens with fresh citrus and crisp green tones. Soothing sea mist is recreated with a spicy floral accord and rich woods that lead to a base of sea salt and ocean moss. Finishing touches of musk and golden amber add softness

Ocean Therapy

Exactly as it sounds, this exhilarating fragrance is like taking a deep breath of zesty, salty sea air


Woody vetiver, black peppercorns, and aromatic cedar

Oh June Bug!

A wonderful balance of floral, hints of green and light fruity notes with a musky undertone; it’s a perfect balance of floral and relaxation

Oh So Boujee

Rich fragrant notes of chocolate, rich amber, and sensuous musk paired with fruits and rich florals

Olive Branch

Mediterranean bergamot and mandarin mingle with the fresh green notes of olive leaf, thyme and basil.

Orange Sherbet

A wonderful sweet orange frozen delight

Orange Soda

California oranges, Brazilian orange peel, lemon zest, and Japanese grapefruit on a vanilla background create this fizzy drink

Orange Splash

There is nothing better than fresh squeezed orange juice, chock full of vitamin C!

Palo Santo Patchouli

A woody scent of warm spices is blended with sandalwood and sweet patchouli for an enticing and comforting aroma

Panty Dropper

Both masculine and aquatic, this scent opens with a fresh ocean breeze then becomes mingled with coastal sandalwood

Passionfruit Guava

Sweet passionfruit mixed with guava… not too sweet, it’s just right.

Patchouli Honey

Sweet essence of honeycomb wrapped around patchouli twigs. Light notes of candied fruit & lemon peel.

Peace Tree

Mediterranean bergamot and mandarin mingle with the fresh green notes of olive leaf, thyme and basil.

Peach Bellini

Orange slices glisten with sparkling rays of translucent white peach nectar and bubbly champagne.

Peach Magnolia

The perfect blend of peach nectar and magnolia bloom work in harmony to create to a well rounded fruity/floral fragrance. Peach nectar is surrounded with a bouquet of freshly picked spring flowers on a light base of soothing woody notes.

Peach Nectar

Fresh peach aroma blended with cream and light green notes. Juicy and rich peach fragrance

Peaches & Pumpkin

White Peach, pumpkin, apple, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, sugar, and baked pumpkin make this a fall must-have!

Peaches and Mint

Top notes: Blush peach, California lemon, bergamot. Middle Notes: Fresh crushed mint, green spearmint. Bottom notes: micro greens, white musk

Peanut Butter Cookies

Rich, warm nutty tones blend with a cookie dough accord to create the signature of the fragrance. Lingering tones of sweet vanilla and maple sugar complete the creation.

Pepperberry Wreath

Rich green smell with hints of fir and berries. Just all around nice winter scent


This sparkling clean and refreshing fragrance is a classic blend of peppermint with light nuances of warm vanilla

Peppermint Bark

A blend of fresh peppermint, vanilla, and chocolate

Peppermint Mocha

A holiday classic made with espresso, steamed milk, sweet mocha sauce, and peppermint-flavored syrup topped with whipped cream and dark chocolate curls

Perfect Pumpkin Pie

A wonderful blend of think, rich spicy pumpkin pie and rich creamy vanilla

Pina Colada

A favorite tropical blend of ripe pineapple and coconut milk with a hint of Jamaican rum


Fresh, sweet pineapple

Pineapple Brown Sugar

This delicate blend features succulent tropical pineapple and a warm cascade of brown sugar with notes of vanilla, maple, caramel, and a hint of ginger

Pineapple Candy

Super strong, super sweet, and super tart pineapple candy

Pineapple Fluff

Super sweet and tart, fresh cut pineapple blended with sweet delicious soft serve vanilla ice cream in a delightful combination when you’re having fun in the sun at your favorite theme park

Pineapple Sage

One of Mother Nature's best kept secrets, this ornamental herb sports vibrant red blossoms  that combines its intoxicating, tangy, fresh pineapple aroma with herbaceous undertones. Nuances of calming sage, rosemary, eucalyptus, and Tea Rose balance dark notes of sandalwood, earthy amber resin, and Pinion Pine


Flirty, floral, and feminine, this classic fragrance is an irresistible blend of mandarin, neroli flower, and peony

Pink Amber Vanilla

Notes of pink amber and vanilla wrap around blushed orchid and jasmine petals.

Pink Champagne Marshmallow (also called Emily)

Top notes of orange peel, Italian mandarin, and bergamot. Middle notes of bubbly pink champagne and pink marshmallow. Bottom notes of spun sugar, vanilla bean, and a hint of soft musk

Pink Chiffon

Indulge in this fruity, floral blend with notes of warm vanilla, crisp sandalwood and soothing musk notes

Pink Flamingo

Juicy orange leads to this vibrant berry scent, with tones of cherry, strawberry, and raspberry uniting with vanilla bean and musk

Pink Grapefruit

Tart and juicy citrus tones blend with ruby red grapefruit and bitter orange peel. Light musk adds a hint of sweetness.

Pink Lemonade

Top notes of lemon, orange, and pineapple, and sweet strawberry and lime at the heart of the delicious scent, with a base of creamy vanilla

Pink Sangria

A thirst quenching fragrance complete with Spanish sangria, Valencia orange, and tropical pineapple slices garnished with sweet Maraschino cherry on top.

Pink Sugar

Sugary sweet notes of cotton candy, strawberry, raspberry, and orange fade to reveal sensual middle notes of lily of the valley and fig leaves. The scent finishes on rich, soft base notes of vanilla, amber, musk, and woods

Pink Sugar Cookie

Top notes of Pink Sugar mixed with buttery sugar cookie

Pink Tea Petals

A teatime treat of pink rose petals, poundcake, and vanilla glaze

Pipe Liner

Masculine Leather notes atop orange, lemon, fir resin, petit grain and cardamom, with fresh floral middle notes, and base notes of oak moss, vetiver, musk, and Brazilian rosewood

Pipe Tobacco

A unique blend of rich tobacco leaf, cognac, cherry and vanilla. A nostalgic favorite.

Pistachio Dream Cake

A combination of cinnamon, honey, and coconut flakes highlight this nutty, creamy, vanilla cake

Pistachio Hot Chocolate

Pistachio, whipped cream, and creamy hot cocoa

Pistachio Macaroon

A harmonious blend of crushed pistachio, sugar crystals, cocoa powder, maraschino cherry, vanilla extract, amaretto cream, and vanilla ganache are perfectly blended with buttery cookie

Pixie Potion

A fabulously fruity blend of apples, peaches and apricots blended with effervescent citrus notes giving this a wonderful sparkly note. Delicious sweet red berries are blended throughout with hints of coconut and sweet sugar crystals sprinkled with magical pixie dust.


A soothing citrus fragrance with pungent and dry tones that brings green tea leaves together with bergamot, mandarin and jasmine followed by the enveloping aromas of black currant and pomegranate


Warm and delicious freshly baked pretzels

Pumpkin Apple Butter

Crisp apples are spiced with cinnamon, sugar and cloves. Light jasmine flowers combine with soothing vanilla to create this irresistible autumn delicacy

Pumpkin Chai

A classic, warm chai tea fragrance with a sweet baked pumpkin accord. The fragrance is enhanced by cinnamon, ginger, clove and a nutmeg spice blend

Pumpkin Cheesecake

Aroma of cardamom, ground cinnamon, pumpkin puree, whipped cream, rum, cream cheese and caramelized sugar blended to true perfection

Pumpkin Cider

A great apple cider mixed with pumpkin and spices

Pumpkin Cornbread

Sweet pumpkin is blended with cornmeal, ground clove, and cinnamon

Pumpkin Creme Brûlée Donut

Spiced pumpkin puree blended with creme brûlée, maple sugar, butter, and vanilla extract, all baked into a delicious donut

Pumpkin Crunch

A super rich and strong pumpkin loaded with caramel, brown sugar, whipped cream, french vanilla, cardamom, cinnamon, and hints of maple sugar

Pumpkin Cupcake

Sweet buttercream frosting atop a fresh baked pumpkin cupcake

Pumpkin French Toast

Warm maple syrup, pumpkin spice, caramelized brown sugar

Pumpkin Gingerbread

A comforting blend of spices like nutmeg, cinnamon, and clove sweetened with brown sugar create this warm scent

Pumpkin Peanut Brittle

Sweet sugary caramel brittle, saturated with salty peanuts and toasted pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin Pecan Waffles

A scrumptious blend of pumpkin waffles and butter with sweet, pure maple syrup and a touches of brown sugar

Pumpkin Spiced Cheesecake

Delicious creamy cheesecake blended with spiced pumpkin atop a golden crust

Pumpkin Sugar Cookie

The perfect blend of spiced pumpkin and buttery sugar cookie

Pumpkin Sugared Donut

A fresh pumpkin donut sprinkled with sugar and spice

Purple Sage Mint

Fresh cute sage with crushed mint leaves

Purple Sandalwood

This strongly aromatic and rich fragrance oil is such a treasure - it will tweak the noses of sandalwood lovers and floral lovers alike. Filled with warm, heady Sandalwood and bouquets of aromatic violets, the scent is balanced with notes of cashmere woods, peach blossoms, French lavender buds and creamy vanilla with a base of white musk

Purple Sugar

A house blend of Pink Sugar and Blue Sugar

Radiant Red Maple

Perfect for the changing of the season, this beautiful fall scent with the crisp hint of falling leaves is a one-of-a-kind fragrance. Crisp, red Macintosh apple intertwines with hearthside smoky notes and sweet maple scents, while warm caramel and aromatic woody notes blend together to unite, enhance and complete this fragrant accord.

Rain Barrel

Fresh clean water odor like a fresh rain or being in the middle of a rainforest, with ocean ozone and light hints of green

Rain Water

This clean fragrance starts with fresh citrus and a bouquet of white florals. Rose, jasmine, and violets make up the heart followed by sandalwood and white musk.

Rainbow Sherbet

Hints of pineapple, fresh lime, orange and raspberry with loads of sweet, sugary vanilla, this is a yummy sweet treat everyone love

Rainbows for Equality

This blend of musk, floral, and citrus will make you smile like looking up at the rainbow after a storm

Raspberry Lemonade


Raspberry Lime

Sweet tangy berries and tart lime and citrus guaranteed to brighten your day

Raspberry Peach Macaron

This delectable fragrance features fruity notes of ripe raspberries, grape, peach, apricot while notes of white sugar, almond cream, and vanilla macaron adds a gourmand touch!

Raspberry Sorbet

Wild berry and fruit pulp give it that oomph, which creamed vanilla and raspberry bring it all together for that perfect balance

Raspberry Sugar

A delightful sweet treat! Juicy, candy fruity top notes with long-lasting, sugary sweet bottom notes. A scrumptious, sweet-as-candy blend of sugared raspberries, hints of plum and tiny little hint of floral

Raw Sugar Mandarin

Raw cane sugar adds sweetness to rich mandarin orange. The aroma of vanilla and hay add depth to the fragrance.


A floral nature intermingles with top notes of citrus and aromatic by a decadent base of amber woods and musk

Red Cedar

Fresh cedar wood is infused with deep green herbs and warm spices

Renegade Cowboy

Masculine fragrance with fresh bergamot top notes, wild lavender and subtle florals that are followed by sandalwood and soothing musk blended with fresh leather


Masculine yet subtle blend of floral top notes such as jasmine, lily, rose and muguet invigorated by citrus and mint middle notes with a soft musk background


The delicious aroma of a root beer soda

Rose Jam and Leather

A house blend of fruity floral blend of strawberry jam, apple, peony petals and vanilla bean blended to perfection with leather

Rose Shower

A fruity floral blend of strawberry jam, apple, peony petals and vanilla bean.

Rose Water & Ivy

A modern & delicate medley of airy rose water blended with jasmine petals & creamy musk

Rose Water & Musk

A modern & delicate medley of airy rose water blended with jasmine petals & creamy musk

Rosemary Lemon

A wonderful herbaceous rosemary and citrus blended with hints of lavender and woodsy earthy notes

Rosemary Mint

Fresh citrus and cooling eucalyptus open this herbaceous blend. A shimmering rosemary accord is warmed with cedar and hints of green as the rich warmth of patchouli adds earthy undertones to the nature inspired scent.

Rosemary Pepper

Citrus and mint accent the refreshing sensation of rosemary in this garden blend. Lush greens and warm patchouli blend with rich woods for the vegetal sensation

Ruby Slippers

Top notes of fresh raspberry, crisp bergamot, and mimosa flower, middle notes of lilac, jasmine, and heliotrope, and bottom notes of rose petals, carnation, and french vanilla bean


The perfect blend of dark chocolate, toasted fluffy marshmallow, and graham cracker


An herb mixture with relaxing properties consisting of cedar leaf, eucalyptus, cedarwood, fresh pine, and earthy sage

Salt Water Taffy

Oh those delicious little pieces of candy - chewy, sweet, citrusy, berry, and just a hint of sea salt

Salted Caramel

Sweet Salty Caramel

Salty Dog with Lime

This grapefruit and Vodka/gin based drink has a wonderful citrus smell with a twist of lime and a pinch of salt

Salty Mermaid Hair

This fresh watery green fragrance delicately combines notes of ocean mist and sea grass with agave nectar and coconut milk.

Salty Sea Air

Notes of crisp ozone, salty sea spray, seaweed, sun-weathered driftwood, and a hint of water lily.

Sand in your Shorts

Mango and papaya blended with coconut and vanilla to create a yummy sweet scent perfect for sunbathing on the beach


Rich, woody cedar and sandalwood base infused with hints of citrus and clove

Sandalwood Rose

Earthy wood and lush rose petal notes are expertly blended with complimentary green tones on a base of soft musk. An enchanting scent that captivates the senses!


A house blend of Calming Night and Lemon Lavender (This blend does contain essential oils)

Sandy Beaches

Treat yourself to an exotic island escape with the beautiful mix of bright citrus, sweet florals and spicy vanilla

Santa Baby

Deeply delicious wild berries are flavorfully kissed with sparkling rays of holiday fun with bubbly bottom notes of Christmas champagne

Santa’s Ginger Café

Fresh baked gingerbread with notes of cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and rich vanilla along side a cup of steaming hot coffee with a hint of mocha and sweet cream

Santa’s Pipe

A cozy scent with notes of cherrywood, raspberry, vanilla, and tobacco


A sweet clementine fragrance, with a light musky drydown.


Refreshing masculine blend of petitgrain, cardamom, and citrus, infused jasmine and rosemary with a base of musk, oakmoss and brazilian rosewood


Dragon fruit slices, guava juice and bergamot make up the top notes. Mid notes of Coconut Blossom syrup and jasmine petals. Bottom notes include a splash of gin and another healthy dash of dragon fruit

Sea Island Grapefruit

The sweetest, crispest and cleanest sun-ripened grapefruit you'll ever smell. Softened with a hint of white orchids, truly a treasure of a fragrance.

Sea Salt Agave

The perfect blend of agave and fresh ocean air with hints of moss and driftwood, it’s the perfect green and salty sea scent

Sea Salt Blossom

Aquatic florals and sea moss mix with dewy green notes on a base of wood and musk to create an exemplary oceanic fragrance.

Sea Salt Maple

Sweet Cream, Vanilla, & Maple notes are layered with bits of Spice & Saltiness to add depth to this cozy, inviting scent

Seaside Blossoms

Top notes of neroli, fushia peonies and pink kiwi. Middle notes of clary oil, beach rose and loganberries. Bottom notes of vetiver oil, weathered wood and sand musk

Seaside Holiday

Sunlight warming you inside and out? The cool mist of the ocean sweeping over your body? Relax...this will take you there!

Secret Wonderland

Luscious strawberry and frosted jasmine petals kissed with magical notes of white amber and creamy sandalwood to create this whimsical fragrance inspired by a secret world you never dreamed existed


Sweet, creamy vanilla with sugary sweet cherry and hints of fresh coconut


This fabulous fragrance begins with top notes of forest fresh green leaves and lemon zests, and well rounded with fruity notes of peaches, apples, and pineapples. A very fresh fragrance that will entice and energize your day.

Sex on the Beach

A super fun blend of pineapple, coconut, and honeydew melon


A smart, spicy, yet smooth woody, smokey masculine fragrance

Shot of Rum

Spicy rum trickles down a sweet heart of berries, resting on a warm sweet base

Shot of Whiskey

An intoxicating blend of whiskey & rum with a splash of lemon & cranberry sweetened with caramel, maple, & patchouli base notes

Sinus Relief

Blend of effervescent camphor, eucalyptus, menthol, and rosemary. (This blend contains 55.6% essential oils)

Sleep Tight

A house blend of Butter Mints and Dream Clouds

Sleepy Bug

A house blend of Sleepy Squishy and Oh June Bug!

Sleepy Squishy

Calm and soothing blend of lavender and baby powder that smells similar to Johnson’s Bedtime Bath

Small Town Lights

An ozonic blast of crisp mountain air, citrus, leafy green and ozonic freshness in its top notes. The middle reflects soft cranberry and light citrus. The base weaves into Colorado blue spruce, white pine and ivory geranium

Smoke Odor Eliminator

Green citrus bouquet of bergamot, lime, lemon & orange on a dry down of "cut grass".


Caramelized creamy maple notes with rice, sweet butter followed by scrumptious French vanilla, cinnamon, and sweet sugary crystals

Snickers Coffee

A wonderful scrumptious blend of rich aromatic coffee blended with rich creamy caramel, peanuts and a jolt of delicious rich milk chocolate! It truly smells like a Snicker's Bar has been melted into your cup of coffee

Snow Day (also called I Smell Snow)

Refreshing clean air mixed with fraser fir and hints of vanilla

Soda Pop

Just like popping the tab on a cold can of cola

Southern Iced Tea

Refreshing tall glass of freshly brewed, sweetened iced tea on a hot summer afternoon

Southern Sweet Tea

Fresh brewed southern sweet tea

Spa Day

A mellow blend of eucalyptus, lavender, and ozone

Spa Fusion

A fresh, clean scent with notes of juicy kiwi, lemon, Casababa melon, ginger, sage blossom and light musk

Sparkling Pear Riesling

Crushed Riesling grapes are blended with a hint of jasmine to create the beverage sensation that opens this scent. The rich pear fragrance signature is warmed with hints of wood and finished with a blush of creamed vanilla for lingering texture.

Sparkling Sangria

Sparkling citrus and red currant blended with a fruity cocktail to create a dreamy finish of vanilla and woods.

Sparkling Winter

A bright refreshing blend of oak moss and bergamot rounded out with a hint of fresh citrus


Dark oak, bergamot, and a hint of bourbon


Fresh crisp fruit of apple and peach highlight a dew rose and water lily heart as white cedar, vetiver, sandalwood and musk linger

Spiked Eggnog

Just like the traditional drink served at the holiday party, Spiked Eggnog is a blend of light citrus and rum combined with spice notes of clove, cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg on a dry down of sweet vanilla sugar

Spring Meadow

A bright, floral blend of Meyer lemon, bergamot oil, and sweet orange blossoms, subtly layered with fresh lavender, cedar wood and the essence of clove.

Storm Watch

The cleansing ocean air before the storm. A moist warning breeze before a storm, naturally airy and very refreshing

Strawberries and Champagne

A fruity fragrance with wild strawberries and sparkling champagne on a base of soothing musk and sandalwood

Strawberry Banana Smoothie

This beverage delight opens with hints of citrus which lead to the signature of fresh strawberry and ripe banana. Tones of creamy vanilla add gourmand accents while accents of fresh green enhance the natural fruit sensation

Strawberry Cheesecake

Sweet strawberries with hints of creamy cheesecake

Strawberry Crunch

A delectable blend of raspberries and strawberries with nuances of Bing cherry and juicy orange wrapped in layers of buttery caramel and sugary vanilla crunch.

Strawberry Daquiri

Strawberries, vanilla, and hints of lemon zest make up this party drink!

Strawberry Lemon Ice

A refreshing, summertime treat of bright citrus intertwined with juicy red berries and sweet caramelized sugar

Strawberry Patch

A very true, luscious strawberry

Strawberry Picking

Sweet fresh picked strawberries with hints of the green field

Strawberry Pound Cake

Moist pound cake topped with fresh strawberries and homemade whipped cream

Stress Relief

Fresh spearmint blended with relaxing eucalyptus. Notes of soft musk, amber, bergamot, and citrus

Strip and Go Naked

Oranges, Lemons, Limes and sweet berries blended together to give you a wild urge to strip and go naked!

Stripper Shoes

Summer apples, cassis and hints of Florida oranges with middle notes of roasted pecans, hints of butter notes, rich, sweet maple, maple leaves and grilled peaches. Bottom notes of glowing embers, vetiver and musk. You can smell the grilled embers as well as the yummy middle notes

Stroll in the Garden

A mixture of fresh floral top notes followed by citrus with a dry, woody background.


Rich, ripe berries mixed with hints of sugary sweetness and a bit of a sassy kick make this scent extra strong

Suede and Smoke

Suede and Smoke evokes an atmosphere of relaxing with an after-dinner cordial in an old fashioned smoking room with worn leather chairs and smoldering cigars. Bold notes of leather and smoke make this a great option for sensual, or masculine candle lines. Hints of amyris, musk, and moss complement the smokiness of this intensely earthy fragrance. (this scent contains essential oils)

Suede and Tabac

Fruity top notes awaken the extravagant heart of tobacco, white petals & aromatic notes over a decadent base of smoky woods

Sugar Cookie

The perfectly baked chewy sugar cookie

Sugar Cookie Royale

The best batch of sugar cookies you’ve ever made!

Sugar Rush

Reminiscent of cotton candy, you will LOVE this vanilla, strawberry, cherry, and sweet sugar crystal confection

Sugared Lemon

Sliced lemons surrounded by hints of sweet sugar and a hint of tart berries

Sugared Peaches

Fresh Georgia peach is enhanced by the sweetness of vanilla cream, orange essence, and maple sugar with added notes of spicy cinnamon, pie crust, and a dusting of powder sugar.

Summer Boardwalk (LYBC)

Yummy boardwalk smells of caramel popcorn, taffy apples, and the staple saltwater taffy

Summer Daze

A dash of sun kissed orange and lemon zest brighten watery fresh notes of lotus and palm leaf

Summer Eruption

Sweet tropical fruits, sugared orange, lemons, and limes with hints of ripe green notes.

Summer Gaze

A dash of sunkissed orange and lemon zest brighten watery fresh notes of lotus and palm leaf

Summer Scoop

Nostalgic memories of your favorite treat on a summer day, complete with fruity nuances swirled in a creamy sweet texture

Summer Sorbet

A perfect blend of summer berries makes this sorbet amazing and super strong

Summer Splash

A wonderful blend of sugar, summer berries and sweet ripe pear!

Sun-Ripened Raspberry

The fabulous scent of summer-ripened berries blends delectably with a hint of sunshine

Sundrenched Vineyard

Crisp citrus peel highlights this berry blend as watery green accents create the refreshing top note. Warm woods and golden amber add smooth sweetness at the base of the scent.

Sundry Linens

The scent of freshly washed linens. Base notes of cedarwwood and fresh linen accord support mid notes of linden flowers and cotton blossom with top notes of tea leaves, bergamot, and orange.


This perfect floral scent is light, fresh, and like walking in a field of sunflowers.


A light floral blended with jasmine, lilac, lavender, and sweet rose make up the base for this fabulous, popular suntan lotion

Sunshine Passionfruit

Top notes of pink pomelo, mandarin oil, and orange peel oil. Middle notes of sweet passionfruit, laelias blooms, and juicy bignay berries. Bottom notes of yuzu musk, bamboo wood, and palm

Super Sleepy Head

A house blend of Lemon Levander and French Lavender and Honey

Super Stress Relief

A house blend of Sleepy Squishy and Stress Relief

Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin

Spicy pumpkin with sweet butter and vanilla cream.

Sweet Dreamer

A blend of bubblegum, sugary cotton candy, sweet apples, and pears blended to perfection

Sweet Pea

Bright combination of juicy berries and ripe pears followed with hints of spring florals and a dry down of soft musk and light woody notes

Sweet Temptations

A soft, fruity, floral fragrance with notes of apricot, grapefruit, and lily of the valley

Sweet Tobacco

Layers and layers of subtly different sweet notes like honey and vanilla cream add depth to the earthy tobacco base.

Tall, Dark, & Handsome

Exotic blend of black cardamom, smoky vanilla & a hint of musk

Tan Lines

With top notes of strawberry and raspberry, middle floral and spice notes, and finished off with exotic woods and white musk scents, this fragrance will have you wishing you were laying on the beach having no tan lines

Tangerine Gelato

Sea-kissed tangerine blends effortlessly with orange creamsicle and lemon zest, nutmeg, vanilla, a shot of smoky tequila, and sparkling white woods. Tangy, creamy, and smooth!

Tarocco Orange

A wonderful herbaceous rosemary and citrus blended with hints of lavender and woodsy earthy notes)

Taste the Rainbow

Top notes of Candy, Lime, Lemon Drop and Raspberry Kiss; middle notes of Grapefruit, Valencia Orange Pop and Red Candy Apple. Bottom notes of good Old-Fashioned Vanilla, Pulled Sugar and Heliotrope

Tea and Cakes

The aroma of warm, rich tea steeping beside a fresh slice of cake is at the heart of this charming fragrance.

Tea and Cucumber

Green tea infused with crisp cucumber alongside sparkling lime, eucalyptus, rose hips and a touch of sweet vanilla bean.

Tequila Mockingbird

Top notes of bergamot, juicy sliced lemon, and a splash of grapefruit. Middle notes of ginger syrup, black tea and a hint of dried lavender. Bottom notes of tequila, thyme and musk

The Rising Sun

Masculine, aquatic floral blend of lavender leaf and green mandarin top-notes, combined with middle-notes of Jasmine, basil, sage, warm-violet and earthy geranium, & perfectly completed with a vetiver, sandalwood and leathery-amber musk.

This Old House

Warm apple, hot ginger, and cinnamon capture the smells of the season

Tiki Beach

The combination of sparkling lemon, toasted coconut, orchid petals with tiny hints of green leaves blended with white cedar and vanilla musk will lull you into a tropical paradise!

Time for Pajamas

Calming notes of lavender and chamomile that are intertwined with myrrh and olibanum and a touch of sugary sweetness make this a great bedtime blend

Toasted Marshmallow

A creamy toasted marshmallow, fresh off the campfire

Toddy Bear

A wonderful rich and sweet maple “toddy” with sweet creamy rum at the base

Tomato Leaf

An herbal, garden-fresh fragrance, with a dewy citrus grapefruit, bergamot and subtle fruity top-note, a tomato leaf, wild-herb and gentle floral middle-note, with a moist, musky-earthen, twig-like base-note.

Total Eclipse

The sweet, delicate white floral notes intertwine with fragrant jasmine, the precious scent of sweet pea and peppery freesia notes. Golden amber, tart berries and the incense tonality of desert sandalwood blend together to enhance and complete this fragrant accord.

Tres Leches Cake

Farm-fresh milk, scalded to culinary perfection, and rich cream cheese icing

Tropical Coconut

A very fresh, true coconut

Tropical Elements

This fragrance opens with a wash of creamy coconut milk spiked with fresh coriander and infused with warm tonka bean, musk and sandalwood.

Tropical Mojito

Refreshing lime blends with rum, tropical pineapple and acai berry and finishes with sugared musk.

Turquoise Sky

The epitome of energizing, crisp, and clean. Crisp salty sea air with sea grass tickles your nose, with a hint of creamy musk

Tutti Fruitty

This lighthearted, sweet fragrance is full of fruity fun, very much like Hawaiian Punch

Twilight Woods

Sweet earthy cedar, musk, and hints of forest berries

Twisted Cinnamon

Light hints of clove give way to cinnamon sticks and ground ginger followed with exotic notes of cedar wood and patchouli.

Twisted Mermaid

A scrumptious combination of berries and citrus with sugary sweetness and hints of vanilla in the bottom notes

Twisted Sugar Cookie

Think Sugar Cookie on mega steroids. You will absolutely love this crazy, super strong sweet and crunchy delight. Delicious top notes of cocoa beans followed by nutty and salty middle notes and sweet sugary bottom notes. This is ridiculously strong and totally delightful!

Twisted Unicorn

An amazing blend of sweet mixed berries, little bursts of citrus - a little zing here and there with sweet vanilla and the irresistible notes of sweet sugary cotton candy

Two Bits

A classic barbershop scent! Sweet, redolent auras of warm spices handsomely intertwine with pristine nuances of crisp, refreshing bergamot. Essences of fresh orange zest mingle effortlessly with fragrant, clean tonalities, while a polished base of resinous cedarwood oil completes this dapper blend, for a well-groomed and wonderfully smooth aromatic experience

Uhhh What?

A wonderful mix of rich sweet raspberry and cranberry


A juicy blend of orange, cherry, peach, pineapple and vanilla

Unicorn Hot Cocoa

Sweet ripe berries with teeny tiny hints of coconut followed by sweet, white chocolate cocoa. YUM!

Unicorn Sparkle

Sweet fluffy, Cotton Candy, Rainbow Candy Drops, Sugared Lemon. Sweet, tart and delightfully delicious

Unicorn Sprinkles

Fluffy cotton candy, rainbow candy drops, sugared lemon, and unicorn kisses

Ursula (LYBC)

Dive down into the grotto with a nice strong salty scent that has hints of fresh air and sea grass.

Vanilla and Lace

Creamy vanilla meets spicy musk

Vanilla Bean

True rich vanilla

Vanilla Bean Marshmallow

Top notes of Bergamot, Anise, Licorice; middle notes of Sugar and Marshmallow and bottom notes of Musk, Vanilla Bean, and Golden Amber.

Vanilla Bean Nectarine

Notes of tangy oranges and nectarines, balanced by smooth vanilla and creamy coconut

Vanilla Bean Noel

A warm blend of fresh vanilla bean, warm caramel, and rich, comforting cream

Vanilla Birch

Fresh white birch, sweet Madagascar vanilla, and warm sandalwood come together in this cozy, soothing fragrance.

Vanilla Ice Cream

The milky sweet smell of home churned ice cream

Vanilla Mint

Crisp and refreshing auras of minty wintergreen interweave with the sparkling tonalities of frozen citrus accords for a beautifully brisk and aromatic affair. A base of smooth, sweet vanilla adds soothing depths to this wintry and multifaceted fragrance, for an icy meets creamy sensation

Vanilla Pineapple

Rich juicy pineapple mixed with just the right amount of vanilla

Vanilla Pineapple Margarita

A creamy pineapple margarita with a touch of vanilla makes this tasty delight to die for while relaxing pool side with a fresh piece of pineapple to garnish.

Vanilla Pound Cake

You will love this sweet vanilla pound cake; decadent, rich and creamy with hints of butter

Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow

Pure fall bliss! Delight in this autumn treat of creamy vanilla, fluffy marshmallows and spicy notes of pumpkin pie.

Very Vanilla

A very warm and rich, buttery vanilla fragrance with a slight touch of cream

Vicious Trollope

Top notes of Bergamot, blackberry and kiwi. Middle notes of Orange, jasmine and lotus with dry notes of Amber, cedar wood and musk.

Villains (LYBC)

Sweet juicy apple, hints of spice laced with maple, and sprinkles of sweet butter notes

Vital Energy

Floral layers of lavender, chamomile, violet, jasmine, and rose perfectly balanced with sheer woods


Pulsating music, swirling lights and gyrating bodies celebrating the eclipse with dance was the campaign for Axe Voodoo, a dark, spicy men's fragrance geared toward the UK club scene

Walk with Olaf

Snow ozone with a backdrop of spicy juniper and the richness of the forest woods

Warm Vanilla Sugar

True to it’s name, a warm sugary fragrance

Water Lillies and Jasmine

Beautiful water lilies and soft jasmine blended with notes of orange and tangerine

Watermelon Candy

Sweet, sugary, juicy watermelon

Watermelon Lemonade

Watermelon chunks are mixed with iced lemonade in this ultra refreshing scent

Watermelon Punch

Fresh orange adds fruity pop to this classic summer fruit scent. Sugared watermelon gets natural sensations from a blend of green tones for the fragrance signature. A hint of berry finishes the blend

Watermelon Sorbet

An explosion of juicy, ripe watermelon and honeydew mixed with kiwi and strawberries on top of a bed of heady tropical flowers, white musk, and vanilla sugar

Wedding Cake

This scent will surely have your mouth watering for a slick of freshly baked white cake

Weekend Away

Berry sorbet with light hints of summer flowers on a background of soothing sandalwood and warm musk

What a Mess Y’all Vol. 2

House Blend of Fizzy Pops, Fruit Loops, Lemon Curd, and Strawberries & Champagne

Whipped Cream

Delicious, fluffy whipped cream with hints of whipped churned butter, blonde sugar cane, Madagascar vanilla, and vanilla extract.

Whiskey Go Go Pops

Top notes of lemon rind, agave syrup and a huge splash of orange. Middle notes of chamomile, green tea and a hint of rose petals with bottom notes of whiskey, a splash of red wine and oak barre

White Christmas

A floral bouquet with citrus and almond topnotes with a sweet musky background

White Mint

Peppermint, spearmint, clove, and white musk

White Patchouli

This scent opens with delicate white flowers and warms to a light musk and sweet woody base

White Tea and Sage

Light florals with sparkling citrus on a bed of delicate white tea.

White Wine

Crisp, dry, and refreshing- a true vineyard experience comes from top notes of cyclamen, bergamot and grapefruit, middle notes of petit grain and pear, with a balsamic clover base note.

Wild Madagascar Vanilla

A Vanilla like you've never experienced! An intoxicating blend of the world's most desired vanilla, perfectly enhanced with African pear, wild jasmine and white sandalwood

Wild Passionfruit

A vivacious and bright fragrance, this exotic passion fruit is blended with melon and mandarin

Wild Sea Grass

Dewy sea grass atop the sand dunes, kissed by the ocean breeze and enhanced with a hint of mint

Wildberry Smoothie

Sweet fresh cream and berries


Smells just like walking through a field of wildflowers

Wine Cellar

Perfect for a girls night in, this smells like the perfect glass of wine. Warm cedarwood, red fruits and precious saffron

Winter Wonderland

The festive scents of Christmas fills the air! Effervescent fir notes mixed with fresh pine needles and woody, cedar completes this holiday classic.

Wishful Thinking

A sparkling white wine with whispers of wild jasmine and peony on a soothing base of amber, sandalwood and musk

Witches Brew (Also called Sanderson Sisters)

Rich earthy notes blend with dark amber and exotic guiacwood for a spellbinding fragrance that captivates the senses

Woodland Berries

This red berry blend is a tangy combination of red currant, strawberry, and cranberry is balanced with a fresh green accord and finished with vanilla spice


Rich fresh vanilla scent blended with spices that warm the heart

Zanzibar Clove

A top note of clove blends with the middle notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice. The rich musky base blends notes of natural musk, oakmoss, and vetiver to create this rich spicy-musky blend.

Zucchini Bread

Fresh baked zucchini bread fresh out of the oven.


Orange accents this shimmering floral bouquet as it unfolds with tones of lily, violet, lavender and orange flower. Velvety base notes of creamed musk add sensuality

Cowboy Britches

A masculine blend of leather with woods and citrus.  A warm and sexy combination for sure

Pink Lilac & Willow

Refreshing mandarin leaf sits among blue willow, water lilies and lilac combined with green notes of wild bamboo, magnolia fields above a sheer musk

Olive Oil & Bergamot

Refreshing citrus and soothing botanicals are laced with earthy elements and finished with musk.



Mahogany Shea

Mahogany Shea wraps you in a warm blanket of earthy woods and creamy shea. A top note of sweet almond gives way to the slight nutty aromas of shea and coconut. Natural woody notes of sandalwood and cedar are smoothed out with light musk and tonka bean base notes. The final result is a fragrance that’s warm, cozy, and beautiful all year round

Vampire Blood

Fruity strawberry top notes followed by citrus and jasmine with sweet raspberry and plum bottom notes

Lusty Leather

House Blend of Leather and King of the North (Notes of crisp citrus and eucalyptus mingle with hints of cold morning air, linger after a long, grueling battle at Winterfell. This masculine fragrance is completed with notes meadow grass and cedarwood, making it fit for the King)