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Happy Birthday, Collection Wax Melts


Happy Birthday Doll Face, is our signature birthday cake aroma! Sometimes, though, you gotta mix it up! 


Each aroma in this listing, is available in either a 2 oz cup and/or a clamshell. Don't be afraid to blend HBDF with other aromas! You might find something you never thought you would love before!


Happy Birthday Doll Face!: Sweet frosting, white cake, and buttery top notes

German Chocolate Cake: Rich German chocolate topped with sweet coconut and ground up pecans

Strawberry Milkshake: Sweet, ripe strawberries blended with creamy vanilla, hints of orange, and peach lay down a nice background for this old-fashioned milkshake flavor

Coffee Cake: House blend of Happy Birthday Doll Face and Caffeine Overload

Fresh Baked Bread: Fresh from the oven, you can smell all of the ingredients in this freshly baked and buttered bread

Lemon Pound Cake: Sweet and strong lemony baked goods, “lemon pound cake” is all we need to say

Country Style French Toast: Nothing beats Mama’s french toast! Crispy golden pastry goodness with notes of sweetened condensed milk, Tonka bean, and rich, churned butter

Cinnamon Rolls: Just like cooking cinnamon rolls in the oven

Caramel Apples: A hint of crisp green autumn apple is surrounded with warm buttery tones to engage the senses with this fall treat. Cinnamon spiced caramel and maple sugar blend with rich vanilla for a luscious effect. Hints of musk complete the sweet sensation.

Blueberry Pancakes: Buttery hot cakes with fresh berries and syrup on top