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LLWC Must Have Linen Sprays


2 oz bottles and 1/3 oz trial bottles of the well-known LLWC Linen Spray, good for so many things!
  • Mist on a wash cloth and put in the dryer
  • Mist on pet bedding
  • Mist in air condition filters
  • biodegradable and environment friendly

Ingredients: Water, surfactant, isopropyl alcohol, dipropylene glycol, fragrance oil

GTFTS: LLWC's most popular relaxing scent, a house blend of Calming Night, Time for Pajamas, and Sleepy Squishy. (This blend does contain essential oils)

Brazilian Goddess: Luscious salted caramel on a bed of pistachio and warm sunshine

Salty Mermaid Hair: This fresh watery green fragrance delicately combines notes of ocean mist and sea grass with agave nectar and coconut milk.

Fresh Linen Odor Eliminator: Eliminates bad odors and leaves behind a clean, fresh linen scent

Citrus Odor Eliminator: A refreshing blend of lemon, orange and bright grapefruit combines with an odor eliminating agent to create a clean fragrance that is sparkling