Current Turn Around Time is 15 Biz Days


One MAJOR difference with our wax is this:
  • We use a custom blend of wax that includes paraffin and soy
  • We use only phthalate free fragrance oils (Phthalate=chemicals)
  • Due to the blend of wax we use, our wax melts have something called Cure Time (basically time it sits in the packaging before you melt it)
  • The minimum cure time is 2 weeks, but the longer it cures, the BETTER it will be. Like a fine wine, it gets better with age.
  • Each wax label, will include a hand poured date, as well as a ready to melt date.
  • The Ready to Melt date is always 2 weeks after the pour date. GIve or take a few days, im terrible with math haha
  • You can melt after the 2 weeks, but the longer it cures the stronger it will be.
  • No nose or warmer is the same. Not everyone will have the same results
All of our body care items are made with high quality, paraben free, sulfate free ingredients.