How to shop wholesale

Step 1: Apply for a wholesale account here:
Step 2: Fill out our google form (so that when you order, we have your logo and other business info. Having this info early/before you order, allows us to process your orders quicker):
Step 3: Comment with the email you used to apply for an account on this post: (If you do not use the same email, we will not be able to approve your wholesale account)
Step 4: Activate your customer account, this email will come from "" Once activated, you are all set!
Step 5: Make sure that you are logged in with the SAME email, we assign wholesale access to your email, so if you are not logged In, you will not be able see the wholesale section!
To add on to existing orders: You MUST have paid priority or UPS shipping. First class is only up to 15.5 oz, and most of the time any additions, will increase the shipping cost. You can ONLY add on to existing orders within 48 hours of your original order being placed.
For any order issues/customer service issues: is the email. Please DO NOT on Facebook comment your order issue. Hear Me out: if im scrolling facebook at night while unwinding from my day, or scrolling while Im eating lunch, etc by the time that I am actually working/in the shop, I will not remember. If you have sent the email, and its been more than 3 business days, then sure, by all means, tag me and let me know that you have emailed me, sometimes you go to spam/promotions folder.
Give me the change to make It right before you "blast", thats all I ask. If I dont correct It, then absolutely tell the world how terrible I was, but please out of respect, allow me to fix any mistakes. I always own up to and fix mistakes, sometimes It takes me 24 hours, sometimes It takes me a week. It depends on my order volume at the time!